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Bilingválne gymnázium C. S. Lewisa, Bratislava-Petržalka

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Haanova 28, Bratislava-Petržalka
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C.S.Lewis Bilingual High School is looking for an enthusiastic, creative and responsible colleague for the position of "Koordinátor práce s mládežou/Community Baraka worker".

General information:
• Required experience in mentoring, education of high school or university students and in managing group dynamics and teambuildings
• Part-time or full-time position available, full time in combination with teaching
• Starting ideally on August 14, or upon agreement
• Accomodation provided
• Some of office communication is solely in English language

Job description:
Koordinátor práce s mládežou/Community Baraka worker organizes, supports and participates in the life of the Baraka residential community. He is primarily responsible for organizational issues, recruiting, relational support and mentoring ('coaching') of community members. He co-creates the formal and informal curriculum of studies and community seminars, which sometimes involves communication with supporters and external organizations (e.g. D3, Akadémia veľkých diel, Integra, Agathe Center for Entrepreneurship). Collaborates with designated school staff to manage the community's project portfolio ('internships' and 'supervisions'), sometimes working as a supervisor for one of the members. He proposes innovative solutions in community life and regularly participates in evaluation and planning meetings of the project team.

Benefits offered:
Bilgym (C.S.Lewis Bilingual High School) is an environment in the center of which is the student. We are a team of enthusiastic teachers who, through teaching, strive for passing on values this school is built upon. Our student groups are smaller, about 17 students, and currently there are 489 students studying and 78 teachers teaching at Bilgym. Our school offers inspiring and challenging setting which gives opportunities to grow both professionally and on a personal level. We take pride in our pleasant working conditions and multicultural environment. All new colleagues receive vocational guidance throughout their first year with us. Our cooperation and friendships are developed and encouraged at teambuilding events. Furthermore, we offer the tuition discount benefit for the employee’s’ children, based on a situation and school’s financial possibilities.

Our expectations:
We are looking for determination, motivation and enthusiasm in our emplyees. Our teachers should promote enthusiasm for learning and for subjects. They should seek various innovative methods of teaching and work on their own progress and further education. We are looking for teachers who are independent, responsible and flexible, able to cope under pressure and are team-workers. The ability to communicate with adolescents is a must.

Job selection process:
If you are interested in working at Bilgym, send us your CV together with a cover letter in which you express why you consider yourself suitable for School community Baraka. The selection process includes interviews with various members of our team as well as attending some of Baraka program. We will select the most competent colleague but are at the same time looking for a person whose personal values correspond with those promoted at our school. We encourage you to contact us regarding any questions or issues you may have.

Send in your:
• CV
• Cover letter
at: [email protected]

Thank you.

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Bilingválne gymnázium C. S. Lewisa
Haanova 28
85104 Bratislava-Petržalka
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Blanka Štefan Antalová